Welcome to Karamay Western China Cuisine

We opened Karamay Western China (Uyghur) Cuisine in October 2015 in Leicester as the first authentic Uyghur restaurant in the UK.

Before you start thinking about the usual Chinese takeaway taste, let us tell you bit about Xinjiang (home to Uyghurs). Xinjiang sits between China and Central Asia, bordering eight countries including Russia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It was an important area along the ancient Silk Road trading path, Uyghur language and culture reflect Xinjiang's history at the crossroads - as does Uyghur food. Uyghur Cuisine combines the rich and hearty ingredients that are common across Central Asia, utilising a lot of elementd from them, and of course there are elements from Chinese food culture too. It's a combination of everything: Middle Eastern, Turkish, Chinese, you name it...

Uyghur culture and its people aren't very mainstream.We are an insular community and because of that,food is such a great way to introduce and spread one's own culture. Therefore Karamay opens up completely new door to your food journey

Karamay Leicester

63 London Road, Leicester LE2 0PE

0116 291 8060

Karamay London

14 New London St, London EC3R 7NA